As Beijing’s club su zie wong(北京夜時尚)

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As Beijing’s “Best Multi-Award Winning Club”, Suzie Wong, over the past 10 years, has earned a great reputation worldwide. With an ancient Chinese decor, the hottest music, fabulous theme parties, and the most “IN” crowd, Club Suzie Wong has become a melting pot of both Eastern and Western cultures.

Suzie Wong as a locally run international club, was the first club to blend Chinese and Western classical decoration in the capital. “Understanding, Fraternity, International, Stylish ”  These words represent the club’s very core. By maintaining a sense of purpose and a strong customer-oriented philosophy, Suzie Wong has won widespread critical praise from both at home and abroad.

From the infinitely charming 1920′s party “Ye’Shanghai” , and the brilliant ” One Night in Las Vegas ” , to the sexiest party “Pink ” , Club Suzie Wong is leading the fashion of the night in Beijing by virtue of a series of classic themed parties.

Suzie Wong has just celebrated her 10th anniversary with thousands of valued guests in attendance. Achieving such a phenomenal milestone for a club is particularly special and has encouraged Suzie to keep going forward and continue the legend.


蘇西黃俱樂部是由中國人自己原裝打造的高級酒吧會所。做為京城首家采用中西古典裝飾風格的國際化俱樂部,本著 “理解與友愛、國際與時尚” 這一貫的宗旨和經營理念,自2002年開業至今,蘇西黃俱樂部在國內外榮獲了眾多的獎項和廣泛的好評,也贏得了無數中外貴賓、時尚達人們的無限青睞和贊譽。


Our 5 Rooms:DOOR
This is a room specifically designed to accommodate virtually any private event need. Complete with everything you need,this venue can be customized to ensure your event is a complete success. Capacity :100-500.

Our 5 Rooms:TERRACE
For a nice breeze, a soothing waterfall and chill style for parties of uo to 200 or more, the TERRACE is wher you want to be. This huge outdoor deck is the perfect spot for people looking to get about the noise of the city.
Our 5 Rooms:TOUCH
This area represents the very core of the club, with a stylish 1920s Shanghai theme. With a capacity of 200, we guarantee TOUCH will surpass your expectations. In here, you will enjoy both house and electro. A lot of big stars have and will continue to guest DJ. There is a seemingly un-ending drink menu, and the most beautiful guys and gals, with the most fashionable rhythm. Club Suzie Wong “Touch” you,Club Suzie Wong loves you!

TOUCH作為蘇西黃俱樂部的核心,融合了東西方古典文化的精神和上世紀二三十年代舊上海Art Deco裝飾風格,逐漸成為了俱樂部人氣最旺的派對場所。在這里你每天都有不同的DJ為您送上電音、House等各種類型的音樂曲風,很多外國大牌DJ也會受邀到現場與我們一同互動。這里有北京城最棒的香檳,最美的人群,最時尚的節奏,和最燥的音樂。Club Suzie Wong“Touch”you,Club Suzie Wong loves you!
This new and improved addition to the club features something we’ve never had before, Karaoke. This is definitely a more western style of KTV, very different from the large, elaborate places in the city. Here, you can order a round of our specialty cocktails at the bar with some friends, drink your courage, get on stage, choose from a huge array of songs, and sing your heart out while your friends cheer you on. Its a great idea too for those of you who are romantically inclined and like to to dedications.

我們添加了新的場所,這是前所未有別具一格的地方 — SUZIE LOUNGE。這是一間與眾不同的Lounge,時尚并且十足西化。在這里你可以點一杯自己喜歡雞尾酒,為自己壯壯膽,走上臺去,選一首自己喜歡的歌,或者你是麥霸也沒有關系,唱得盡興,玩得高興!如果你是一個開朗的浪漫主義者,那么這里對你絕對是一個絕佳的娛 樂地點!
Our 5 Rooms:SUZIE WONG
SUZIE WONG is a very classy place. It has the lingering charm and fashion of the old city of Beijing. It is just like 1930s Shanghai, luxurious and comfortable. Take a glass of champagne poured by our bartenders, slow down your pace of life, climb the stairs and you’ll be able to overlook the entire room and truly get a sense of everything that is SUZIE WONG. It’s fantastic!

SUZIE WONG 可以算得上最經典區之一。融合了整個北京古城的韻味與潮流。踩著吱吱呀呀的木梯上來,便是一番不同景象。典雅又不失時尚,好似30年代的舊上海,神秘又欲語還休的古味雅致。端著調酒師為您精心調制的酒水,拖沓著步伐通向小閣樓,整個迷幻的SUZIE WONG盡收眼底。



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